A drawing of flowers

Intro Copy: Welcome to Grand Lady Floral

Welcome to Grand Lady Floral! We are a half acre sustainable flower farm located at The Grand Lady just 20 mins east of downtown Austin. At Grand Lady Floral, our mission is to bloom responsibly, crafting sustainable, locally-grown flowers that inspire. We are dedicated to reducing carbon footprints by nurturing organic and regenerative farming practices. We aspire to sell our flowers to the community and share our little flower farm to amplify our impact on sustainability.

How it works:

  • You can go on the site, add whatever product or subscription to your cart.
  • Select your distribution method
    • Delivery
      • Deliveries are available in he following zip codes— 78704, 78701
      • $10 delivery charge
    • Pick up Options
      • Sunset Valley farmers market on Saturday
  • All arrangements vary by season, we will use the season’s best in your bouquet.