located near Austin, Texas

boutique wedding and event venue

Not all weddings fit into the same traditional mold. And we love that. 

19704 Hog Eye Rd. | Manor, Texas 78653

A wedding affords an opportunity for the intimacy of love between two people to connect with an entire room’s love for them.

Our mission is to create an uniquely inspired space where those beautiful collisions of love can happen.

We believe your wedding should be as unique as your tribe. 

This is your chance to add your wedding story to her rich history.

The Grand Lady’s history makes her as individual and unique as the couples she serves. 

what we offer...

A space that is flexible

Weddings may not be one size fits all, but we have developed a venue that can fit all sizes. From micro-weddings to full-blown events, we can scale to size and meet you where you are.

A space that is welcoming

 We value you and your experience, so we will meet you where you are. We aim to make you feel seen and heard, and we show that through our attention to detail and willingness to help make your experience the best. 

A space of your own

Here at The Grand Lady we want to make sure that you feel at home. Not only do we offer two weddings suites, ceremony, cocktail reception, and reception spaces, but occasionally the newlyweds have the opportunity to add-on an overnight stay in the mansion.

What Makes Us Unique


The historic home

Centered around an architectural masterpiece, The Grand Lady’s craftsman features and ornate details. With the addition of the modern hall, we offer the perfect mix of historic touches and modern design for your wedding photos and story


Your rental

When The Grand Lady is yours for the day, you won’t have to spend half of your wedding day sitting in an impersonal hotel, waiting until you can head to the venue.


Modern Event  Hall

Our team of architects and designers have worked together to create an intentional space designed for flexibility, inclusion of modern design, and use of the expansive grounds. The event hall with its modern features and interior design is unlike anything you will find at other venues featuring historic buildings. 

Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday party, or quinceanera, The Grand Lady is here for all the milestones that matter. From casual BBQs and family reunions to corporate events and retirement parties, we’d love to host you. Reach out to us. 

Who We Are

The Grand Lady team is composed of three families - architects, designers, friends - with a vision for what weddings can be. Weddings are a celebration of your "whole family" - your grandparents, cousins, siblings, AND your co-workers and college roommates. 

For us, weddings are about people and shared lives, so we believe that where this celebration happens should be intimate and memorable. And


Your wedding is a celebration of partnership, family, and friendship, and we believe the place where this happens matters deeply.


Originally built as a wedding present and passed on to brides for over 100 years, The Grand Lady proudly stands on 20 acres of land only 14 miles east of Austin. This centenarian is far from a rehab project. She has been lovingly cared for throughout her entire life and has never once fallen into disrepair. Her handcrafted stained glass windows and custom milled details cannot be replicated in any venue of today and make the perfect backdrop to your wedding day. 

A Touch of History

Weddings are knit within the tapestry of the Grand Lady’s history. 

Yours for the Day 

The Grand Lady, she is yours for the day. No hanging around in an impersonal hotel room on your wedding day. The 3,400 square foot, 8-room mansion is available for your use for any pre-ceremony festivities, including brunch, cocktails, photos, and getting dressed.  You'll feel like you have a second home here in Manor.

Flexible by Design 

With an open mind, we meet you where you are. Our venue design is intentionally flexible so that we can meet your event’s unique needs. Far too often, venue disorganization does not become apparent until the actual wedding day. But our designers work together to orchestrate a fluid organization so that your guests can move seamlessly from ceremony, to cocktail hour to reception.